Guest Post Guidelines

Thinking about submitting an idea for a guest post? Here's what we expect from our guest posters. 



Titles should be short, captivating, and relevant to your content- this will make sharing the post on social media and finding it in search engines much easier. Keep it simple, and consider how you might search for the topic yourself. Your editor can help you if you’re stuck for ideas. 

Length and Content

  • Posts should be between 300-700 words.
  • Content should follow the PGR Blog's aims, and be specific to UofG PGR life and experiences, UofG, and Glasgow.
  • Keep writing sharp and to the point.
  • Use keywords where possible, however, avoid use of jargon, unexplained acronyms, or overly complex and field-specific language. Remember that the blog has a wide range of readers from different Schools, Colleges, and fields of study. What may make immediate sense to someone in Arts may be totally different to someone in MVLS.
  • If using abbreviations, please note it's UofG, not UoG, GU, or Glasgow University. 
  • Embed links to relevant webpages, other blog posts, etc within the body of your post.
    Do NOT attach links to “click here” or “click here, here and here”- make sure your reader knows explicitly where your link will take them. Eg. Put links on sentences such as “you can register for this event on MyCampus” or “find out more in Blogger X’s post on self care”
  • If relevant, ensure that there is signposting to workshops and events, resources or contacts etc at the end of the post.
  • Avoid use of italics- this makes text harder to read. 
  • Encourage commenting and end on a call to action (e.g registering for training session/attending an event)
  • Additional guidelines can be found on the University’s Writing for the Web page.


Keep it friendly, lighthearted and humorous, reflecting the blog’s ethos and aims. Please do not use any inappropriate language. 


  • Use at least one image in your post. This must be relevant to the post, and suitable to be set as a featured image to appear on the blog home page.
  • Images must be appropriate for a UofG site and audience.
  • Please only use images you have permission to use.
    If using a comic or similar, you must have permission from the artist/owner. 
  • All images must be credited and/or linked back to either in captions or at the end of the post. Images available under Creative Commons Licence can be used. If you're stuck, is a good source of free to use images. 

Tagging and Categories

  • All posts must be given relevant tags and categories (at least under relevant College).
  • Useful tags may include PGRlife, PhDlife, SelfCare, etc and any key words relevant to the post. See other blog posts for ideas.

Author bio

We’ll publish your post using a ‘Guest Blogger’ login. Please give us one or two lines to include about yourself as the author.

Please note we are unable to accept or publish anonymous posts as this is not in line with the blog’s aims in establishing and promoting a PGR community.


We will negotiate a deadline for your written post to be edited by a member of our Blogger Team, and then scheduled for publication. Please make sure you have proofread your post before sending it to them. Your post must follow our guidelines before it can be published. Send to your nominated editor by the agreed date. If you’re struggling to make it, please keep us updated.


Work on the blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, which means that other blogs etc. can republish the material as long as they credit you (as the author) and the blog. However, if you are giving us permission to use your own photos etc. then you will retain copyright of these and we will credit them as such.