Our Team

Let us introduce you to our lovely team of 2018/19 Bloggers.

Adriana is a part-time Mphil student with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Her research lies within the realm of Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science and Psychology. She is investigating experiences of awareness during sleep to understand further the nature of consciousness. You can check her academic site to find out more. She is currently working as a GTA for first year´s Philosophy and as a Support Worker for Clear Links.

Ann is a second year PhD student with the School of Law at the University of Glasgow. Her research is inter-disciplinary and considers the contributions psychology can offer to important legal concepts such as responsibility. Areas of research interest encompass legal theory, cognitive, social, evolutionary and moral psychology, as well as moral philosophy. Her work experience includes assisting and writing for legal and academic publishers, including open access academic publisher, the Public Library of Science.

Anna is a PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow, where she is investigating social interactions with robots. In addition to science, she is passionate about photography, travelling to exotic countries and all things cinema.

Connect with her on Twitter or via her personal website.

Danielle is a first year international PhD student in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. Her research involves analyzing representations of gender, class and race in early nineteenth-century comic magazines. Academic and professional backgrounds include English language and literature, book publishing and Scottish history.

Steph is a final year PhD student, originally from Yorkshire. She is based at the Garscube Campus, working within the MRC University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research. Her work involves studying how the Zika virus interacts with cells that make up the brain.