Welcome to the new academic year!

We're still here... We've given the blog a fresh lick of paint and recruited a few new bloggers from our researcher community for 2015.  Hopefully you'll soon see these pages filling up with news of what's been happening in the early-career researcher community across Glasgow.

This blog is primarily focussed on personal, professional and career development opportunities for researchers, outside of those that you might see locally, within your School, Institute or core research discipline. This includes first hand accounts of getting started as a new PhD student (or finishing up!), talking to the public about your research, entering business plan competitions or organising a conference. We hope the blog might give you some ideas and inspiration for ways in which you can continue your development as a researcher, beyond simply attending training courses (though there might be some of that too!).

If you want to get involved as a researcher blogger, please contact Elizabeth Adams.


Hello from Hannah!

Careers beyond academia