Let's Get Acquainted

A speech bubble with the text "Hi! Let's get acquainted!" Hi, my name is Stuart and I’m not very good at introductions. I can never quite figure out what to say. I mean, how do you tell the world who you are in only four-hundred words? I’m already 10% into that limit and the only thing you know is my name – I guess I should probably put an end to the preamble (and move along with the actual introduction) before I use up another 10% on this section alone!

Too late.

Do you think three-hundred words will be enough? Let’s give it the old college try and find out.

I’m a Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) within the College of Science & Engineering. My background is in Physics and I currently work in Medical Imaging. The title of my thesis (because I know you want to know) is ‘Advanced & Computational Imaging Techniques for Microendoscopy’ (although, when it comes to actually writing the thesis, I’m not sure whether to go with the ampersand or not). It’s not as glamorous as Gravitational Waves but I like it – & if you want to know more, please just ask!

I have a passion for Science Communication & Public Engagement (the written kind) so it should come as no surprise that I jumped at the chance to write about my experiences as a PGR. My hope is that you will find my blog posts useful and, perhaps, a little entertaining.

There are a number of topics I’m hoping to write about over the next few months but I need your help. This blog is a resource for all PGRs so I need you to interact with me. Is my content on target, or way off the mark? Is there something specific you would like to see covered? Let me know via comments, email or Twitter. I’d like to think of this blog as a conversation and I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Conversations aside, we should talk some more about ME: I’m a keen runner; I enjoy graphic design; and I like to go hillwalking. I’m married and my wife & I have a wonderful 2-year-old daughter. I also have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Not sure what ASD is? Don’t worry - neither was I until my diagnosis and I’ll cover it in a later post anyway. In fact, I plan to cover some of the disability support available for PGRs & I think that my experiences with the UofG Disability Service might come in useful.

Now that I’ve done my part it’s your turn: let’s start the conversation by you telling me a little bit about yourself in the comments.

(Before you ask - I’m just about 10% over that 400-word-limit I set).

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

Watch this space...

Watch this space...