UofG #PGRSelfCare

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition- we really enjoyed hearing about your #PGRSelfCare tips and having an opportunity to peek into the lives of UofG PGRs. We were delighted to receive so many entries, and have enough prizes for everyone who entered. We'll get getting in touch so that we can send you some #PGRSelfCare goodies!

So what are the top #PGRSelfCare tips according to UofG PGRs?


"Doing jigsaw puzzles and physically challenging myself - my top priorities for #PGRSelfCare!" ~ Elisabeth Loose

"Oh and get a @ThistleTweet season ticket. #PGRSelfCare" ~ Graeme Cowie

We’ve blogged about the importance of being fit and healthy during your research- you might even say working on a PhD can be like training for a marathon! Running remains a popular activity for UofG PGRs, though some of you shared a love of swimming and other sports, as well as regularly cycling to campus or walking your dogs. The University gym recently released its summer programme, and there’s certainly activities to get those endorphins flowing for everyone. They’re also piloting online booking for classes, which should make it easier for you to get a space in the class of your choice. Watching your favourite sports is also an option too, and we enjoyed hearing your season ticket recommendations!



"Generally, I choose to do things I enjoy and try something new!" ~ Jie Zhang 

Many of you recommended taking time away from your desks and exploring your surroundings. Whether it’s a quiet moment with nature, a visit to your favourite bookshop, or an adventure further afield, we loved discovering your favourite places to wind down from a hard day in the office. We’re planning our next trips already! For extra hints and tips on where to go, check out Jiska's post on PGR holidays.



"Dive into a creative project out of the lab. Create something you're proud of- #artgoesviral book was mine!" ~Steph Cumberworth 

From colouring and crafting, to photography, and even channelling your inner Mary Berry, UofG PGRs boast a number of hidden talents! Getting creative can definitely be a brilliant antidote to data collection blues or difficult chapters. Not sure where to start? The UofG Library and Archives have a fantastic colouring book available online based on some of the images in special collections, whilst the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club holds monthly Knitting for Fun sessions (all welcome, no matter your knitting ability). Meanwhile, there are regular plant fairs held at the Botanic Gardens if you fancy trying your hand at growing something beautiful.

Treat yourself

"For me it is defently disappearing into some good music while drinking a nice cup of (earl-grey or green) tea. Just closing your eyes, let the music deafen all the thought and let the smell of the tea fill your whole system with a lovely smell." ~ Sven-Patrik Hallsjo 

My #PGRSelfCare tip is to go for a nice meal...I'm feeling v stressed right now so I met my dad for pizza at lunch and feel much better!" ~ Kirstie McWhinnie 

UofG PGRs recognise the benefits of a reward and relaxing after a long day behind a computer screen, or following the end of a busy fieldwork trip. Your pictures of well-earned cups of tea, glasses of wine, and soothing bubble baths after turning off your email alerts certainly resonated with us here at Blogger HQ!



"Doing a PGR is tough but realising you're not in it alone is the best selfcare tip I can offer! PGR friends4life!#PGRSelfCare"~ Jennifer Port

Being a PGR can be an isolating and lonely experience, a subject we’ve touched on a few times over the last year. It was wonderful to hear your tips and advice for socialising, as well as how many UofG PGRs have built supportive friendships and networks. There are plenty of opportunities available for PGRs to expand their circles, whether it’s joining one of the University’s many clubs and societies, building a research community in your department, or perhaps connecting with others through a blog.


If you have any self-care tips or advice that you’d like to share with us, feel free to comment below, and don’t forget to keep using #PGRSelfCare on Twitter.

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