What went down when the makerspace popped up?

What went down when the makerspace popped up?


This post is for anyone who missed out on visiting the makerspace and wants to see a flavour of the cool bits of kit that we had on campus during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015. The pop-up makerspace attracted over 400 staff and students from across the University, with 200 key-rings, outspoken tote bags and other items being made during the week, including at least two mini-3D models of Ifeanyi, our lead volunteer organiser and PhD student in the School of Engineering.

Our launch event brought together staff and students from across campus with an interest in creativity and trying things out.  Our speakers included Maklab, as well as some entrepreneurially-minded staff and students, who encouraged everyone to have a go at something new during GEW2015.  Have a look at our video, to see how students thought they might get involved with the makerspace.


With the makerspace parked up on the south front for the rest of the week, staff and students had plenty of opportunities to see demos of 3D printing and CNC milling, as well as laser-cutting the text for their own tote bags and making some funky keyrings.

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